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Episode 15 - Societies hateful nature.

March 12, 2021

In the fifteenth episode of The T's & C's of Life Podcast, we are pulling apart the interview that is on everyone’s lips this week – Meghan and Harry. We talk about the fallout on social media and mainstream media since the interview was aired on ITV on Monday evening and the polarising views that have emerged since. We would love to hear your views on it – get in touch with us on the usual email address

It is a passionate episode and some of the topics we discuss may be triggering to some listeners ( suicide )

We promised to link the episode of Loose Women that was discussed in the podcast for your views and discussion points. You can find it here

Season 2 has been given to you as the source of inspiration, so hit us up with any and all of the topics you would like us to discuss on the podcast and we will get straight to it!

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