The T’s & C’s of Life Podcast

Episode 16 - The world through a woman’s eyes

March 19, 2021

In the sixteenth episode of The T's & C's of Life Podcast, the tragic story in the news this week of Sarah Everard's murder has brought the nation to its knees in mourning for the loss of such a beautiful soul. Social media has been a wash of hashtags and woman power posts - which is great, BUT why is it that this is still the case for women around the world? Why are we still seen as the weaker sex? Is it simply biology? 

Claire and Tanya talk about their personal experiences of vulnerability and some of the stories may be upsetting for some people to listen to. It was a difficult episode to record as the memories of some of these stories came bubbling to the surface again - others are just usual drunken bants! In keeping with our usual tone we have been as honest as we can bear to be publically but try to find the funny side of a dark situation. Perhaps there is more to this episode in the future. 

As always we would like to invite you to share your experiences with us, let us know if you have a contribution you would like to share with us, or just to tell us how awesome the show is - send us an email on

Some of the topics we discuss may be triggering to some listeners (rape/stalking/violence towards women)

  • We promised to share the link to The Samaritans for anyone who is in need of support or a confidential chat

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