The T’s & C’s of Life Podcast

Episode 3 - Living with a TBI

November 27, 2020

In episode 3 it is all about Claire this week, or rather Claire's other half Trev. He was involved in an accident in 2013 which left him with a traumatic brain injury or a TBI as it is also referred to as.


Claire describes how this accident drove a wedge into their lives and grew like a tumor, encompassing every waking moment. She talks candidly about how as a couple they came to terms with the changes they faced and how they deal with the ongoing difficulties that a TBI creates in their relationship.

It is an emotional episode and hopefully an eye-opening insight into the invisible disability of a TBI.


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Episode 5 will be a Q&A session and we will be recording the answers to all your burning questions on the subject of race and finding an emotional balance in your life - basically anything you want to ask us, fire it to us! You may also send us a voice clip if you would like to have your voice recorded on the podcast, you can do that through either Claire or Tanya's messenger or WhatsApp if you have our numbers!!

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