The T’s & C’s of Life Podcast

Episode 5 - Your questions answered.

December 10, 2020

In the fifth episode of The T's & C's of Life Podcast Tanya and Claire are answering all your questions – you asked and we have answered with our usual delightful wit and bants! You asked us some deep questions and we gave it our interpretation and perspective. They got their first audio clip sent in much to Claire’s delight!


Do not miss this exciting episode - Tanya rants and Claire sings, what more could you want?!


As mentioned in the episode Claire said she would share the link to the GoFundMe page set up for her workplace in order to raise £5000 to be able to purchase an interactive activity table for the residents in the nursing home. Please share it with your audiences on social media, the more shares we can make the more chance we have of raising the money quickly. The link to donate and share is here >>  GoFundMe

Tanya also gave a shout-out to her friend Katie who has YouTube channel “ This Mummy Knows “ please head over to YouTube  and show Katie some love and check out her wicked quick videos on all things skincare, review, and tips.


We are away to go busy ourselves like elves and wrap the fuck out of all the presents in the entire land for the 6 kids between us. See you next week for episode six.


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