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Episode 4 - Navigating mixed race parenting and friendships in today’s society

December 4, 2020

In the fourth episode of The T's & C's of Life Podcast Tanya and Claire are joined by Sally Anim to discuss the pressures and hurdles parents of mixed-race children face. And what it can feel like to be in the minority within your closest friendship groups.


Sally and Tanya have something very much in common - they are both parents to mixed-race children and they both have experience of raising those children in the racially diverse postcodes of London and the predominantly white county of Kent in the southeast of England. We discuss what it is like as a parent when you have to deal with the lack of diversity that surrounds you and the types of racial abuse the children have experienced and how you can help to improve the awareness of conscious anti-racism within your families and community.


We also discuss what it is like to have mixed-race friendship groups and how you handle being the minority in such groups. It is a great episode and as always we hope to have inspired some challenging thoughts and conversations for our listeners.


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